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Meet the Trainer

I'm Ann Peterson, Owner and Lead Trainer of Perfect Pups. I have a bachelor's degree in Child Psychology from Trinity University where I specialized in animal behavior. My goal was to become a trainer at SeaWorld upon graduation. I worked at SeaWorld San Antonio for 10 years as an Animal Trainer working with orcas, beluga whales, and Pacific white-sided dolphins. I have experience prior to SeaWorld working with a pet trainer and as a vet tech in my hometown of Granbury, Texas. I now have 3 dogs of my own, Libby, Gus and Brian. 




The difference between me and many other dog trainers is that I will not only train your dog, but more importantly I will teach YOU how to train your dog. My plan is for us to become partners in the training process. I will teach you all you need to know, and use your dog to show you how! 


Your dogs will be loved on and pampered at our house while you are gone. It is our promise to treat them as one of our own. We have a doggie door that your dog can go in and out at any time into the backyard. If they want to lay in the sun or take a nap on the couch they get to choose. We limit the number of dogs we take so we can truly love the ones we have. 

Starting at $35 a night per dog 




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