My Philosophy

Let's keep it positive!

While working with many amazing animals at SeaWorld I also built my training philosophy. That is why, as a San Antonio dog trainer, I use positive reinforcement and operant conditioning in my training sessions. This means we will use small steps to get to a bigger behavior and give rewards when outcomes are achieved. Every program is individually tailored to your dog’s specific needs.  

I have learned that an important part of training any animal is the relationship you have with them. So, you need to spend time with your dog, playing, just hanging out and training. That is why after each session, I will leave you with notes on what we covered in that session. You will also receive instructions on how you can continue to work with your dog. 

 My goal as a dog trainer in San Antonio is to help you understand how to communicate clearly so that you can have a great relationship with your dog! 

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"Having worked side-by-side with Ann for many years, I can attest to her understanding and well-placed application of advanced animal training and behavior modification methods. Not only will Ann care for and about your pet as much as you do, she will be dedicated in helping you and your furry friend reach your goals. Bonus: her professionalism and positive attitude are infectious. Your loved one will be in good hands."

-Katie Kolodziej, Curator of Animal Training at SeaWorld San Antonio